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Breaker box use

The electrical breaker box or electrical box is the central element of a household’s electrical installation. The electrical panel should not be confused with the electrical meter, which is used to measure your electricity consumption.

The role of the electrical box is to centralise all the current distribution in the different rooms and electrical appliances of the house. By grouping all the electrical circuits in one place, the electrical box makes it easier to cut off and protect the circuits. It can sometimes even house certain automation and home automation functions.

The electrical box is an element that is placed high up and often in a cupboard to protect it from humidity and keep it out of reach of children. The size of a box can vary according to the number of modules and elements installed.

Components of an electrical breaker box

An electrical cabinet consists of different modules. These modules are built into the cabinet and are used to ensure the operation and safety of the electrical system. safety standards govern the electrical box this standards define the number of safety modules required for your circuits. circuit breakers must protect certain electrical appliances that consume a lot of power.

The circuit breaker is a protection and safety element that allows the electrical installation to be switched off. In the event of a malfunction, the circuit breaker is activated and the current is automatically cut off. The circuit breaker also acts as a switch, which allows the current to be switched off manually.

Other types of circuit breakers are present in the enclosure. The differential circuit breakers are used to cut off the current in case of an overload or short circuit in the lines. The first element of protection of one’s electrical system is the respect of the standards when you carry out the installation and the embedding of a cable or an electrical sheath. The differential switch is another safety device, which aims to protect the user from the risk of electrocution.

The switch is triggered when it registers current differences in the wires and connections of the electrical box. you can add more options to your electrical box such as a lightning arrestor to protect your electrical appliances, an emergency lamp or a buzzer in case of a power failure, but these are optional.